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Company development process:

On September 2,2002, Yingtan xingfa non-ferrous Metals Co. , Ltd. (the predecessor of Jiangxi Baotai Group) was established.
In 2003, the first 3-ton aluminum ingot smelter was built and put into operation (previously it was produced with a small furnace) .
In 2004, an additional 5-ton aluminum ingot smelting furnace was added.
In 2005, an 8-ton aluminum ingot smelting furnace was added.
In 2006 in the Huangxi Industrial Park 155 acres.
In January 2007, the new plant moved to the new plant, the new 10 tons of aluminum ingot smelting Furnace 2, a new production line of horizontal continuous casting copper rod, a horizontal copper extrusion machine, the total output value of 600 million yuan.
In 2008, Shangyin copper rod, copper row production line put into operation.
On March 31,2009, Jiangxi Baotai Group was officially established.
A new aluminum rod production line was built in 2010.
In 2011, two new aluminum extrusion production lines were built.
In 2012,2 production lines of oxygen-free copper rod and 2 production lines of 20 tons aluminum ingot smelting furnace were added.
In 2013, the aluminum profile spraying production line was put into operation.
2014 aluminum profile oxidation production line put into operation.
In 2015, aluminum profile wood grain transfer printing production.
In 2016,2 new production lines of 50 tons aluminum ingot smelting furnace were built.
In 2017, Jiangxi Baotai Group was recognized as a high-tech Enterprise.
2018 scrap processing center put into operation.
In 2019, an additional 10,000 tons of brass rod production line was added annually.
Add 150 tons aluminum alloy ingot smelting furnace in 2020.
Production line of copper strip and phosphorus copper ball for 2021 was put into operation.