Quilt Sets For Queen Bed A Double Size

Chevrolet C10 Bed Big Window 1963 Quilt Sets For Queen Bed A Double Size

Buy a set of rails converters from a double bed to queen quilt sets clearance size beds. Ask the owner of the bed shop one of these. They can fasten or bolt on the headboard of the bed depending on the type of screws in your furniture. Inspect the bed head. In some cases, you may need to bring a bit of wood or steel plate to an old set to ensure that it has a sturdy place to attach the screws. Install the converter rails.

They will be long enough to accommodate a mattress and will come with”L” brackets on the sides to accommodate the excess width. Hang with hooks or fasten the rails to the double bed, adjust the L-brackets for width adaptation country quilts and arrange the support center at the appropriate height, if necessary.

Many antique quilt sets for queen bed were built when a double-size mattress suited most couples. Today, the queen-size mattress is the choice for most rooms, which causes a small problem for those who wish to use an old bed as part of the decor. With a little adaptation and the perfect equipment, turning a double bed into a queen size bed may be easier than you think.