Mens Bedding Sets Ideas

Comforter Sets For Men

If you choose to throw the bedding on the bed in a dark brown color, it’s best if your bedroom is a bright room without any other heavy furniture and colors. Such a brown fits perfectly into a French-inspired home. You should not underestimate the goodness, so it’s not a stupid idea to compliment your bedroom with some nice stripes. If you already have striped wallpaper on the walls, the room will suffice to look a little fun.

Blue, green, gray and black work best. Browns can be used, but they usually work best as an accent color unless they are a rich chocolate or are paired with white. Linens should consist of basic bedding along with a duvet, bed skirt and pillow shams. Buy a matched set for the most cohesive.

When you buy a bed skirt, look for one that is tailored as opposed to puffed. This is more masculine and more appropriate in a modern bedroom. Goggles should consist of curtains and valance. Blinds can also be used, but curtains add an air of sophistication and softness, which is more relaxing in a bedroom.

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