Contemporary Bed Sets In An Elegant Look

Bedroom Sets Modern

Something more daring is the design that we propose in this image. With surfaces finished in intense brightness, this bed will be the object of desire of the most fervent. Black and red, two colors that when fused get a most striking effect. The size XL of this headboard together with its quilted finish creates in this bed a noble part, but at exactly the same time modern: the bed of a contemporary palace.

If we look for an elegant stay and a sophisticated design, contemporary bed sets design could represent the image we have in our thoughts. If a bed can inspire delicacy, of course it is this. A thin leather mattress, reminiscent of a Japanese futon, rests on a light metal mattress. It is not a conventional bed, we know it. However, if we are looking for a simple stay with minimal decoration, where a piece of furniture becomes a fetish object, this is the alternative.

If we want a minimalist room, where the white paint furniture, floor and walls, we will need to find a bed that puts an accent of color, like the one in this image. Sill and headboard in a single slice, lined with garnet leather. The elegance is assured, not only by the luxurious material of the upholstery, but by its simple shape and striking color.